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Top 3 Considerations for Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

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As 2023 draws to a close, it's tempting to dive headfirst into 2024 with fresh plans and shiny tools. But before we charge ahead, let's pause and glean some wisdom from the year that was.  

The emergence of AI has us automating, analyzing, and creating at breakneck speed. Yet, amidst the clamor to adopt AI, a crucial truth resonates—human empathy remains the bedrock of truly effective B2B marketing. This isn't just a hunch; LinkedIn's 2023 B2B Marketing Benchmark report tells us that the top two future skills B2B leaders want for their marketing teams are 1) a mastery of Marketing Technology and 2) a penchant for Storytelling. This marriage of cutting-edge technology and human creativity is likely to play a significant role in the shaping of marketing strategies come 2024. Concerning both, here are a few things to keep in mind as you plan for the year ahead. 

Three Imperatives to Elevate Your 2024 Marketing Strategy

    1. Leveraging generative AI is a no-brainer in 2024. But keep in mind that the benefits of AI extend beyond content development. To stay ahead of the curve, marketers should make sure they are leveraging AI to its fullest potential.

      Generative AI is the hot new tool for marketers, but it's important to remember that AI can contribute to many other aspects of marketing, such as analytics, personalization, automation, and precision targeting.

      This can look different for marketing teams depending on available resources. For those with more budget and bandwidth on hand, consider investing in AI-powered platforms. These platforms can strengthen and complement your existing tech stack while enabling full visibility, customization, and control. For leaner marketing teams, look to collaborate with vendors that offer AI-backed services. This allows you to capitalize on the benefits of AI without having to manage it in-house.

    2. Efficiency will be more important than ever as many marketing teams head into 2024 leaner than they were the previous year. Look to AI to automate and optimize processes and invest in cross-functional collaboration initiatives to maximize the impact of your campaigns.

      As you begin to plan for 2024, be sure to take the time to review your current processes and see where AI can help. Finding ways to improve efficiency will be critical for teams who want to get ahead of their competitors.

      Beyond the use of AI, marketing teams can also enhance efficiency through interpersonal relations:

      • Align goals and establish consistent interdepartmental communication to strengthen the effectiveness of your campaigns.
        • Ex: Coordinate campaigns with upcoming product releases by meeting regularly with Product and Engineering teams. Ensure campaign success by committing Sales to shared goals and providing adequate enablement.
      • Extend the reach of your content through turnkey services such as third-party webinars, programmatic advertising, content syndication, e-newsletters, etc.

    3. Efficiency isn’t the only ‘E’ word to prioritize as you map out your 2024 marketing strategy. Prioritize empathy in your messaging and campaigns to stand out amongst your competitors, especially as some teams struggle to find the balance between artificial and human intelligence.

      It is imperative to keep in mind how AI models are trained and what they’re made to do. AI models are trained using vast amounts of data; the source of that data being somewhat nebulous. It can come from anywhere and be biased, factual or fabricated, and/or limited in scope. From this data, the AI is trained to recognize patterns and make predictions based on those patterns. Whether those predictions are 100% accurate and valuable to your intended audience is something you will have to decide.

      While AI is something to take advantage of in 2024, it should not dominate your entire strategy. Consider AI as an enabler in your overall marketing plan. It can increase the efficiency and relevancy of your campaigns, but it can’t replace the human perspective. Empathy goes a long way when it comes to fostering authentic engagement with your prospects. 

      As LinkedIn’s The B2B Effectiveness Code suggests, “long-term brand building is far more effective when it engages the emotions with big, human ideas."

The long and short of it? Optimize for efficiency and lead with empathy. Leverage AI for automation, collaboration, and content development, while prioritizing human connection in your messaging and campaigns.

Boosting ROI with Iterative Data-Driven Optimization

Finding the right balance between technology and human intuition can take some finessing—that's where experimentation comes in! To inspire your future A/B tests, our stellar data science team compiled some high-level 2023 insights mined from the DemandSkill platform. Dive into our findings and gain actionable tips to help sharpen your marketing strategy in 2024: 

Top 2 Performing Content Types

  • Infographics 
  • Ebooks 

TIP 💡 Repurpose content! If you have a great mid-funnel e-book, consider pulling key insights from it and creating an infographic out of it. You can then craft a simple, cohesive campaign with these assets, starting with the infographic as an ungated, awareness piece. Drive your audiences to download the e-book as a next step, and when they're ready, invite them to a webinar or offer them a case study, demo, or datasheet for more solution-oriented insights. 

For industry stats and additional tips to enhance your content strategy, explore our recent blog.
Surging Keywords by Industry

  • Cybersecurity:
    • Ransomware
    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Cloud Security 
  • Information Technology:
    • Cloud Computing
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • SaaS 
  • FinServ & Accounting:
    • Securities & Investments
    • Commercial Banking 
  • Telecom & Service Providers:
    • Telecoms Infrastructure
    • Telecoms Management Software 

TIP 💡 If you target any of these industries, check whether your content addresses these keywords. Find out where you rank when looking up these keywords in your search engine and consider testing them in targeted ads. Ask your Sales team if they’re referencing these topics in conversation.

Top Performing Subject Lines in Industry Newsletters 

  • Cybersecurity Unveiled: What You Need to Know for 2024 and Beyond! 
  • AI in Finance: Revolutionizing Banking for a Smarter Future! 
  • Breaking Boundaries: Discover the Latest in Pharma Tech for 2024! 

TIP 💡 Audit your subject lines. See if any patterns stand out amongst your top performers. For example, given the subject lines above, it may be worth running A/B tests related to the following:

  • Punctuation 
    • Does your audience respond well to exclamation points? 
  • Sentence structure 
    • Do colons improve readability and capture your audience’s attention? 
    • A little psychology tidbit - one 2020 study found participants preferred long titles to short ones, titles containing colons, and titles phrased as questions 
  • Keywords 
    • Will open rates increase if you frontload your subject line with relevant keywords? 

2024 is just around the corner. Head into the new year fueled by efficiency, guided by empathy, and ready to experiment your way to marketing greatness! 

Looking for a demand partner to help you crush your marketing goals in the new year? DemandSkill is here to help! Our programs combine the power of AI, insights from intent data, and the support of a dedicated campaign manager to deliver quality leads at any stage of the marketing funnel. Connect with us today to learn more.

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