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The Top 2 Content Types That Resonate Best with B2B

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The Q3 Data is In: Unveiling the Power of Infographics and EBooks 

In the dynamic world of B2B content marketing, timing is everything. At DemandSkill, we're committed to delivering the right content to our clients at precisely the right moment. Guided by data and powered by AI, our Q3 journey revealed vital insights. Our data science team analyzed the content that outperformed in the past three months, and the outcome is clear—infographics and e-books stand as champions. These insights are particularly significant as B2B prospects, always on the move, relentlessly seek quick, invaluable insights to guide their decision-making. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon: 

According to survey data from the Content Marketing Institute’s 14th annual B2B Content Marketing report, the top 3 content types used in the last 12 months are: 
  1. Short articles/posts (94%)
  2. Videos (84%)
  3. Case studies/customer stories (78%)
When it comes to infographics and e-books, both were leveraged by more than half of B2B respondents (60% and 59%, respectively). 

Note: For enterprise organizations, the use of infographics and e-books was slightly higher—68% for visual content like infographics and 64% for longer-form content like e-books and whitepapers.
Similarly, results gleaned from Demand Gen Report’s 2023 Content Preferences Survey report show the top 3 content types B2B buyers find the most appealing are as follows: 
  1. Short-form content, including infographics (65%)
  2. Webinars and events (52%)
  3. Long-form content, including e-books (50%)
E-books and infographics also made the top 6 content formats B2B buyers find most valuable in the early stages of the buyer’s journey: 
  • Webinars (57%)
  • Research reports (53%)
  • Blogs (52%)
  • E-books (48%)
  • Whitepapers (45%)
  • Infographics (42%)

Combining Data and Industry Insights for Better Results

As you gear up for your next demand campaign, here are some useful tips to help you build a winning content plan create and capture demand.

  • Use infographics earlier in the buyer's journey. They're a great way to share valuable data-driven insights while also raising brand awareness.

      • They’re also great assets for Sales reps to use when engaging prospects!
  • E-books are worth the extra time it takes to create them. That’s because they often have the potential to prove valuable in the early and middle stages of the buyer’s journey. Keep in mind the goal is to provide actionable insights to your target audience. Avoid taking up too much real estate promoting your solution inside—you're still raising brand awareness with your design!

  • Repurpose content! If you have a great mid-funnel e-book, consider pulling key insights from it and creating an infographic out of it. You can then craft a simple, cohesive campaign with these assets, starting with the infographic as an ungated, awareness piece. Drive your audiences to download the e-book as a next step, and when they're ready, invite them to a webinar or offer them a case study, demo, or datasheet for more solution-oriented insights.
  • Consider collaborating with a demand partner. Working with a vendor that offers content syndication and email marketing services to help you get the most out of your assets. Not only can they generate leads, but they can also introduce your content to new and expanded audiences.

And if you’re interested in teaming up with a data-driven demand partner to make the most of your content, look no further than DemandSkill! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our turnkey demand generation services.

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