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Meet your lead generation goals with content syndication, email and nurture, newsletter placements, custom questions, and BANT qualification. 

When it comes to lead generation, a cookie-cutter approach isn't our thing.  

Instead, we customize each demand product to fit your ICP and funnel goals. Our proven process combines AI and human expertise to ensure success, from analyzing asset feedback to optimizing creative and landing pages. You get the support you need to succeed, and we back it with a risk-free lead guarantee. 



Core Demand Products

Content Syndication with Email Marketing

Capture demand with a single CTA. Two options:

  • Single asset, single touch
  • Multi-asset, multi-touch 


  • Branded email with branded landing page
  • A/B testing, email and landing page AI optimization with each email send
  • Weekly report and lead delivery

🌟 TIP: Great for driving webinar and event attendance, surveys, eBooks, thought leadership, and offers. 

Content Syndication with Email Nurture and Lead Progression

Capture and accelerate demand with AI-powered, personalized email nurture, content, and offers. Two options: 

  • Single asset, single touch
  • Multi-asset, multi-touch

  • Branded landing page
  • Branded emails for each journey stage
  • Nurture emails sequenced, automated, and AI- AI-optimized with each send
  • Weekly report including lead scoring and lead delivery
🌟 TIP: Ideal for generating MQLs and boosting engagement. 
Industry Newsletter Placement 
Create and capture demand with content placements in industry newsletters.

  • Industry newsletter selection and target launch date
  • Headline & copy development
  • Branded landing page
🌟 TIP: Choose educational content and topics that solve customer challenges, are trending on social, and ranking.

Boost your lead program performance with custom or BANT questions.

  • Custom questions. Add multiple choice, true or false, or open-ended questions to further qualify leads
  • BANT. Understand where your leads are in the buying cycle with Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline questions.

🌟 TIP: Apply qualifying questions to deliver more sales ready-leads. 

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