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AI as an Enabler: 3 Ways AI Enhances B2B Marketing Like Never Before

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has skyrocketed in the past couple of years, particularly within sales and marketing organizations. But that’s not to say it has emerged as a replacement for anything—or anyone. Instead, AI is acting as an enabler, enhancing efficiency in key areas such as content development, automation, and resource management. By finding the right balance between human and AI collaboration, we can unlock unparalleled potential and make progress like never before. 

Streamline Content Creation with AI

AI has revolutionized content creation by offering tools that streamline the development process and enhance productivity. Generative AI applications like ChatGPT and Bard can quickly produce copy for assets like blogs, whitepapers, and product descriptions, freeing up time for teams to focus on more strategic and creative tasks. Moreover, AI-powered algorithms can analyze trends and user preferences to optimize content for engagement, tailoring messages to specific target audiences.

— Review for quality assurance

The thing is, AI-generated content can be unclear, redundant, and even plagiaristic at times, which is why it’s crucial to have someone review it ahead of publication. On top of that, there’s technical know-how, industry jargon, and context to consider. The data sources used to ‘teach’ the generative AI application you’re using may or may not be inclusive of the insights your experts have on hand. 

So here are a few tips to help you balance human and artificial intelligence in your content development strategy:

  • Request multiple drafts from your generative AI app of choice, adjusting your prompt each time. This gives you options to choose from and can help inform what level of detail to incorporate into future prompts.

  • Ensure you have at least one round of human-led review in your overall content development process. In addition to copyedits, ensure your QA factors in technical accuracy, reading comprehension, and style and messaging guidelines.

  • For teams just starting their AI journey, consider taking advantage of AI features offered within your current tech stack. For example, Hubspot’s content assistant can help you come up with alternative subject line ideas.

The blend of AI-generated suggestions and human finesse often results in content that strikes the right balance between innovation and authenticity.

Increase Operational Efficiency with AI

Mundane, repetitive tasks that once demanded significant human investment can now be automated, leading to speedier outcomes, a reduction in errors, and more free time. 

For instance, customer service, sales, and support teams have benefitted from AI-powered chatbots, which can resolve routine queries and escalate high-priority inquiries, enabling representatives to more quickly address complex and time-sensitive concerns.  

Other efforts like email marketing and social media management have benefitted from AI-powered automation as well. Segmenting audiences, personalizing content, A/B testing, tracking metrics—these are some common tasks that are optimized and made more efficient with the help of AI.

— Keep an eye on things

AI excels in tasks that follow predefined rules and patterns, but human intuition and empathy are essential for scenarios that involve emotional connections and nuanced decision-making. Recognizing the boundaries of AI and understanding its strengths and limitations is crucial in creating a harmonious synergy between human expertise and AI efficiency. 

When it comes to automation, here are some friendly reminders:

  • Don’t just set it and forget it! Make it a habit of checking in on your automated workflows every once in a while, to ensure everything is working as intended.

  • Test everything! Before you push something live, make sure you’ve done your due diligence, especially where your prospects and customers are concerned.

  • Just because it can be automated, doesn’t mean it needs to be (right now). Consider what tasks have the greatest impact on your team members and/or your target audience and prioritize accordingly.

Manage Resources Effectively with AI

With deep wells of data available online, AI can help humans manage data processing that uncovers patterns, trends, and insights that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. From predicting market trends to optimizing supply chains, AI-driven data analysis enhances decision-making processes that help organizations market their products and services better and bolster the efficiency of its sales process. 

For example, here are a couple of ways AI can help Sales and Marketing teams optimize their time and make the most of their budgets:

  • Project management: AI-assisted algorithms can help project managers identify the best use of resources as well as automate tasks like scheduling, budgeting, tracking progress in real-time.

  • Planning and forecasting: Predictive modeling can be used to forecast future revenue growth and anticipate demand. These insights help inform how budget and resources can be used to attain targets. AI-powered forecasting is often seen as more agile and accurate than traditional forecasting.

— Consider the overall impact

The ability to blend data-driven insights with real-world experience, ethical considerations, and an understanding of others is a uniquely human trait. AI might be able to provide recommendations, but it's the human touch that ensures these recommendations align with overarching business strategies and ethical frameworks.

Harmonizing Human and AI Collaboration

AI serves as a remarkable enabler, transforming the way we create content, automate tasks, and make the most of our valuable resources. With artificial and human intelligence combined, we gain the benefits of AI's speed, efficiency, and data-driven insights while retaining human expertise, emotional connection, and quality assurance. 

DemandSkill is a great example of how AI and human expertise collaborate effectively to deliver timely, accurate, and personable B2B demand generation services. Get in touch with us to learn more today.


This blog was drafted with the help of AI and reviewed by a small team of awesome humans 👍 

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